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To submit your article for review, you must upload your submission using a word doc which should also include the title, content of your article, author bio, contact email, and headshot photo.

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How to Increase Your Article Chances of Being Accepted

Target Audience

Our target audience consists of policy makers, educators, helping professionals, students, activists, service users, caregivers, or anyone thinking about seeking help. We like to provide news, information, and resources addressing concerns on social justice, human rights, education, politics, research, practice, etc. from the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Social Work Helper has a global readership, and submissions outside of the United States are also welcomed. Social Work Helper is a both Google and Apple News Outlet.

Article Format

Articles length should be at minimum 600 words, but no more than 1500 words. When Referencing Quotes, Articles, Data, Studies, Statistics, Books etc, the items should be linked to the source within the article. (See Editorial Articles Examples Below). Let’s us know if you are interested in becoming a regular contributor or develop your own column at

I have included some samples of how your articles should be formatted. Typically, articles should not be written in first person or how you would write for an informal personal blog. The focus should be how your article will influence or impact its reader. Also, view these five easy steps for writing an article.


Articles should be written in AP Style. There should not be a reference section or any in text citations as illustrated in academic/journal writing using APA style. For example, when referencing a source, you should hyperlink the source over part of the text. For instance, here is a short guide to Journalism AP style writing.

Editorial Article Examples to view linked sources: