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    Obama’s Contributions to Social Change Will Leave a Lasting Legacy

    History is already attempting to rewrite Obama’s presidency. Over his eight years in office, Obama never exuded anything less than class, intelligence and an apparently endless appetite for hope and optimism. He frequently spoke about the progress toward a more perfect union and never publically condemned the colleagues who chose to hold him back. Our […]

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    Teacher Racial Bias Matters More for Students of Color

    English and math teachers underestimate the academic abilities of students of color, which in turn has an impact on students’ grades and academic expectations, finds a new study by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. The study, published online in the journal Social Science Research, builds on existing evidence of how teacher […]

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    When to Turn to Outside Help

    Many parents are struggling with adolescents and young adults who suffer from mental health, substance abuse, and other typical issues associated with this age group. Although the usual courses of therapy and medications have been tried, for some, these therapies are just not working. In these cases, alternative therapies are being sought out. One type […]

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    How Our Educational System Run With The Power Of Technology

    In the future, there will be some promising new technologies discovered maybe it will include the time machine, flying cars or outer space as a vacation destination. However, these fascinating possibilities make us all the more excited and invigorated to help our future generations discover math, science and engineering in order to achieve the impossible. […]

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    What About a Welfare Challenge?

    In recent years, to draw attention to the plight of food insecurity in America, advocacy groups and community organizations have promoted Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or “food stamp” challenges.  Aimed at highlighting the difficulties in living on a “food stamp budget,” (about $4-$5 per day) these challenges encourage participants to better understand the realities […]

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    Pet Dogs Help Kids Feel Less Stressed, Study Finds

    Pet dogs provide valuable social support for kids when they’re stressed, according to a study by researchers from the University of Florida, who were among the first to document stress-buffering effects of pets for children. Darlene Kertes and colleagues tested the commonly held belief that pet dogs provide social support for kids using a randomized […]

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    Children Following Deported Parents Face Educational Roadblocks

    By: Robin Chenoweth Children who go to Mexico to live with a deported parent can encounter a host of struggles, an Ohio State University researcher says, including social isolation and difficulty in school because they can’t read and write in Spanish. The children, who mostly were born in the United States and may have never […]

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    8 Cover Letter Writing Mistakes That Might Be Ruining Your Career

    A cover letter is absolutely essential in finding the job you want. There’s no question about the fact that there will be plenty of people with a similar CV – you’d need similar levels of education and experience to apply for the same job. However, the cover letter is your chance to really make an […]

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    How Hillary Changed Politics for Women

    She didn’t win the election and we have not yet seen the first female president, but Hillary Clinton’s legacy is still strong and extremely important. Hillary made history the moment that she won the Democratic Party nomination for president, and that will not soon be forgotten. In the past, women have made strides in politics […]