Elizabeth Ringler-Jayanthan

Elizabeth Ringler-Jayanthan has diverse experience in providing both direct services to recently resettled refugees, as well as technical assistance to refugee resettlement agencies. Additionally, she has worked extensively with other immigrant populations, survivors of human trafficking, and other vulnerable groups both in the United States and abroad. She has presented nationally and at the state level on these topics. Elizabeth holds a Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work.

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    How to Help Human Trafficking Survivors

    Human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking, has become an area of interest both in the general public and also within social work. As a result, attention, money, and resources are being allocated for this cause. The array of services needed for human trafficking survivors is complex, but one area that is not receiving enough support is […]

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    Why Feminism is Still Important For Social Workers

    Feminism continues to be a fraught issue with fractures within the community of feminists, as well as women in general. Yet, feminism is more crucial than ever given the diversity of challenges women are now facing. Feminism has become a focal point again recently largely as a result of the Presidential election and the response […]

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    The US Department of Agriculture Has Removed All of Its Inspection Records–Here’s Why it Matters

    The United States Department of Agriculture has recently removed all inspection records from its website–this means that inspection records from the 9,000 licensed facilities that use animals have been taken down. This covers a vast array of facilities working with animals including animal research labs, commercial dog breeders who are often puppy mills, roadside zoos, […]