Brittany Sandefur

Brittany Sandefur received her BA and MSW at the University of Michigan and currently works at a domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy agency in North Carolina. Particularly interested in non-profit resource development, Sandefur works to support underserved and especially indigenous communities in their efforts toward crisis intervention, health and wellness, community empowerment, and social justice.

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    Sex and Football

    There is a strange and disturbing association between sex and football in our country. Perhaps, it’s because football is an American sport of which we are uniquely proud, but we also must examine whether it provides unique protections to its players. Also happening in a few other industries, rampant cases of sexual assault are often […]

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    Being Black at the University of Michigan

    Black students at the University of Michigan have come together to make demands on the administration this week. After bringing national attention to the injustices faced by Black students at the University through the top-trending hashtag #BBUM (Being black at UM), the students have taken the first step toward alleviating those injustices. They announced their […]

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    Welfare: The Business of Misfortune

    I’ve dreamed of one day moving home again to have my future children surrounded by their family, but I also fear living with those who constantly reject my deepest held values with the continued disinterest in my chosen career as a social worker. The fact that many people receiving public assistance work harder in a day to keep […]