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How Our Educational System Run With The Power Of Technology

In the future, there will be some promising new technologies discovered maybe it will include the time machine, flying cars or outer space as a vacation destination. However, these fascinating possibilities make us all the more excited and invigorated to help our future generations discover math, science and engineering in order to achieve the impossible.

But, how will technological innovation impact our educational system and our ability to discovery future technology? What sort of technologies will excite our engineers, investors, scientists and shape their minds? Such questions keep our minds boggled when it comes to the future of our children and their education. Here, in this article, I’m going to discuss some future technologies that will shape the future of classroom and the mind of children.

Augmented Reality Eye-Wear:

Augmented reality is an amazing technology and it seems far closer since Google’s validated the launch of the AR eye-wear glasses. Actually, this eye-wear acts a data layer on top of our eyes. No matter what style of glasses students wears; all data is sent to their augmented reality eye-wear directly. We already have digital media textbooks, but it would be more interesting and exciting to visualize having Hitler Sitting in front of you and telling about the World War. Students will definitely enjoy this enriching experience inside and outside the classroom, which makes this technology a wonderful one.


When it comes to Biometrics, it will surely bring revolution in the world of science. This future technology will actually help in understanding the physical and emotional state of children and their learning within the classroom. Depending on the signals of biometrics, each student will get customized course material. In order to understand the student’s performance, his physical traits such as facial expression, heart rate, skin moisture, odor can be calculated, studied and taken action on. Moreover, teachers will easily know if any student will need further assistance along with the behavioral signs like rhythm, gait typing and voice of children. Biometric technology will also help teachers understand what teaching techniques will work out best for children.

Multi-Touch Surfaces:

Since the huge success of iPhone, the concept of multi-touch has been a sizzling topic in the world of technology. A lot of companies including Microsoft have experimented multi-touch surfaces. The developments in technology have made this multi-touch surface more advanced as well as cheaper. There will be more products with multi-deck surfaces in the upcoming future and a great help in student learning and change the future of technology in the classroom. Can you imagine a classroom where each student is working together with their friends around the world while using computer-generated objects.

What’s more…Other Than Technology

Introducing Children With SMART:

Make children familiar with the SMART acronym in order to keep them motivated and focused on the things they want to achieve.

The S stands for specific. Tell students to be explicit about their goal. If they want to help the community, then encourage them to specify the group of people that they want to help. It will assist in making the aspiration realistic.

The M stands for measurable which means that once you have specified the goal, then you should estimate how much your goal is going to cost you.

The A is for achievable, which implies that see whether the goal you are setting is feasible or not. Look at the size of the goal and then see if you have the time or resources to achieve it or not.

The R is for written, which mean that putting your aspiration into writing is the best way of making them realistic and achievable.

T is for the time frame, and it means that you should always have a time frame for achieving the target.

SMART is an effective way of teaching students to learn about goal setting and making dreams into reality.

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