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10 Apps That Can Impact And Change The World

The world needs to change and now the power to change the world is in your click. It is time you take control and participate in the betterment of world. Here are 10 apps that can impact the world and change it for the good of humankind and nature.

1. Tree Planet 2

The user grows, fertilizes, waters, and defends a virtual tree in this game. For every tree that is grown virtually on this app, a real tree is planted by the Korean company behind this app.

2. Dare to Donate

The app makes the users vote for their friends who would complete a dare in exchange for donation. It is free for charities and fundraisers.

3. HTC Power to Give

You can provide power to a scientific project of your taste by plugging your Android phone and connecting it to Wi-fi. The app adds your spare computing power to a grid that then provide power to research facilities.

4. Feedie

25 cents is donated to The Lunchbox Fund, a nonprofit company, which uses the money to provide meals to students across South Africa. All you have to do is take the photo of food served at one of the participating restaurant and share it on social media.

5. Leftover Swap

Using this app, the food givers take images of their left overs and post them on the app. Following which the volunteers organize a collection and give the left overs to the needy.

6. Charity Miles

This app makes your every step count, literally. It donates 10 cents per mile that you bike and 25 cents per mile that you have ran to a charity of your choice. All that you have to do is post your progress on social media.

7. The One

The app connects people globally for them to join hands to do ethical protesting and campaign.

8. Get Rich or Die Smoking

This app showcases the exact amount of currency that you can save by quitting cigarettes. It lists down the various things that you can buy from the all the money that you have now saved.

9. Give Work

This iPhone app links users with the refugees of Kenya so that they work alongside one another and complete short onscreen tasks. The app supports Samasource’s, the developer company, training programs by sourcing money and facilitates in identifying the skills it should impart.

10. Check in for Good

The participating business donates 1$ to a cause that you have chosen whenever you check in their premises. They also give you coupons and incentives to visit again.

While these are just these 10 apps that are listed here, which can change the world, there are many more apps and websites that can make it a better place. You just need to know where to look and then have the push to change the world.

Written by Tripti Rai


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