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Carlos Santana Reunites with Homeless Ex-Bandmate

With all the makings of a Hallmark movie, this Christmas story not only shows the endurance of the human spirit, but it also provides a glimpse into the tragic circumstances of homelessness and poverty.

Carlos Santana and Marcus Malone
Carlos Santana and Marcus Malone

While filming a previous segment, a local San Francisco Bay news station interviewed a homeless man, Marcus Malone, who claimed to have been a drummer for Carlos Santana back in the day.

“At one time I was with the Santana band, the original Santana blues band, and now I’m homeless and on the streets”, said Marcus according to KRON 4.

Initially, the news station thought that Marcus’ claims sounded to outrages to be true, but they decided to check it out anyways. It turns out the Santana Band got its start in the garage of Marcus mother’s house.

Marcus lost track of Carlos Santana when he was sentenced to San Quentin in 1969 shortly before Carlos performed at Woodstock forever changing the trajectory of his career. However, Marcus has been struggling to survive his release from prison by living on the streets and taking odd jobs.

The television station decided to reach out to Carlos Santana in order to help coordinate a reunion between the two former bandmates, and they recorded the reunion for your viewing pleasure.

Written by Deona Hooper, MSW


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