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How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site that has received wide attention largely due to its unique photo pinning attribute. Before the release of Pinterest, most social media sites were designed with multiple features including voice and video chatting, status updating, and developer apps. However, Pinterest is designed to pin interesting photographs on a pin board. This simple idea really clicked, and today after the one year of release of Pinterest, it has got more than 4 million daily visitors with the highest referral traffic rate of 10%.

Referral traffic means that among the total number of Pinterest users, users will click on the link connected with the photograph at a high rate which can help drive traffic to a  particular website or a blog. This phenomenon may be due to the level of curiousness photos placed on the users. Whatever might be the case, Pinterest  has the ability to bring hundreds and thousands of visitors to your company website or blog.

The following are some very effective ways to get more traffic on Pinterest which could ultimately shift traffic to your business website or blog.


Pinterest Boards

Whenever anyone visits Pinterest, the first line of sight is on the Pinterest Boards. Pinterest boards should be organized to show case your pins by category while showing one picture per link or video. You can create different boards based on relevant topics and upload relevant photographs or videos from your website or to items you want to share and promote.

In order to get the attention of Pinterest users, it is important that you organize the headings to each board, upload an appealing cover photo for the board, and constantly update. Remember, your goal is to catch the attention of visitors, so they will stay on your Pinterest page and become repeat visitors for your niche.

Pin Interesting Photos

Pinterest is all about of photos as well as video. Most importantly, you want to pin photos relevant to your area of business, blog, or website. Pinterest has proven that users prefer photos over written content to attract entry onto a site. Therefore, your photos should completely convey the intended idea to your visitors. Your preference should be to produce original quality content and couple it with relevant photos from others while giving them fair credits when necessary.

Link your Pinterest with Twitter and Facebook

Linking or synchronizing your Pinterest boards with Twitter and Facebook will further enhance your ability to attract traffic to your website or blog. Connecting your other social media accounts can automatically update your Facebook and Twitter with interesting photographs pinned on your Pinterest boards. Once you are connected, pinning photos in the Pinterest will automatically publish photos in Twitter and Facebook. Simultaneously, you will have the ability to capture the attention of your existing fans and followers. For information on integrating Facebook and Twitter, click here.

Make good use of  Tags and Hashtags

Tag and hashtags are great options to increase the fan base on social media networks including Pinterest. A Tag is using an (@) sign to people who have an interest in your topics or who may be mentioned in the written content. Tag whenever you upload relevant photos and videos which will automatically make notification when published to Facebook and Twitter after implementing integration. However, do not overuse it because overuse may begin to annoy people. Similarly, proper use of hashtags (#) can bring loads of traffic from the search engines and others who may be monitoring specific hashtags for resources and information.

Add Follow me button

Although you may enjoy pinning, the broader aim is to shift Pinterest traffic to your main website or blog. Therefore, it is important that you should make proper use of available tools and widgets provided by the top social networking sites. One simple solution is to add  the Pinterest “follow me” button to your blog or website which will make website visitors aware that you are on Pinterest and encourage them to check out your boards.

Happy Pinning!

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Written by Khawaja Adil

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