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Top 6 Best Android Tablet Apps for Organization

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Android tablet owners are beginning to realised the power of carrying a tablet , and I have put together my top 6 best android tablet app to help you stat organised. Tablets have eased out in planning a vacation, looking for recipes for a surprise dinner, teaching phonic sounds to kids or helping your elder son in a science project. They work has an assistant when you want to complete multiple office tasks. From organising a meeting to laying down to-do tasks of the day, various apps on the tablet are a help which everyone wants in today’s fast paced life.  Just at a click of a button, you can start your video conferencing not matter your location.

Android tablets have become equally popular when compared to Apple due to improved smoothness and latest apps. Initially with tablet launch, it was Apple which ruled the market. But very soon with launch of Ice Cream Sandwich and then, Jelly Bean Android gained its grasp and started becoming popular amongst masses. Now that almost all apps which are available for Apple have their own versions for Android. Let us discuss top 6 such apps which have proved to improve efficiency and productivity for any Organisation:

Google Translate
This app is perfect if your job requires you to interact with various nationalities. This app can translate upto 60 languages and you can communicate with any one in real time. It is available free of cost.

It is a combination of Evernote and Dropbox where you can easily share files, data and view updates on any document and post your comments. This is an amazing app for small to large business companies. You can even search data with built-in search facility.

OfficeSuite Viewer 7
It is literally mobile office where you can open, view, print, edit and share all sorts of. DOC, .PPT, .TXT, .XLS, .CSV and many other Microsoft office files. It also opening a PDF file and searching text in it. It also allows you to open a mail and view the attachment with it.

PocketCloud Remote RDP
This app will connect you remotely to Windows or Mac computer from anywhere in world. It is a secure connection which can be done either on 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. You can upgrade to its Pro version and then connect to multiple computers at a time. It allows three connection options: Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Network Computing or Auto discovery through your Google Account. It is a must-have application to install when you are travelling out of city and may have to access computer.

It is a notepad to remember all small or big things in your day-to-day life. It provides you the store a single task or sign up an account which allows you to access the list from anywhere. You can add notes, images and set reminders to alert you about an important task.

Pulse News
It is a collection of news from various blogs, magazines, newspapers and social networking sites. You can mark the category of news which you want to read regularly through highlighting. It allows you to read articles offline as well, thus hen no internet you can spend your time with this app. Once you have read the news and liked it, you can share it with your friends as well.

Written by Yogesh Mankani

Yogesh Mankani is a marketing executive and works for a tablet pc selling company in Oklahoma. In May, he earned a top marketing executive badge for selling most Android OS based tablets.

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Robert, I have an ipad too! I will be doing a companion post on ipad apps that’s awesome. However, I am thinking about moving to the Windows Surface.

I’m a fan of using evernote to organize tasks and keep things in order during the day.

Now my android tab has been sleeping I think this is the right time to get it busy. Thanks for sharing this great apps

Google tanslate and evernote are helping me too…I will try all them now…thank you for listing…