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Social Media for Social Good 3rd in Series: Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

by Keith McMean

So you have taken the plunge and jumped on the social media bandwagon, and now you are creating social media marketing plan. Well, guess what? I have taken ALL the hard work out of it for you. I have assembled an easy step by step guide to creating a social media marketing plan that anyone can put to work right now. Whether it’s in your free time, or you want to make this into a full time job, I want you to know that following these steps really works.

Social Media 1Step One: Who do you need to find your site? Spend a while researching this as it really reaps rewards. Start broad, and then get precise but try and keep it simple also. This should make finding you really easy.
Think about when somebody is doing a search, what actual solutions or services will your site provide? Do you fill a ‘real’ need for people out there and make sure you are not just wasting theirs or your time.

Step Two: Let’s say you provide printer consumables, don’t go after “printer” or “printer cartridges.” Again think about what makes you better? Are you the “cheapest printer consumables” or maybe you’re the “best yet cheapest printer consumables company.” Keyword placement on search engines is far more advantageous than you would ever imagine.

Step Three: Make a few different types of posts or updates that you can send out, just like I have here that give out great content. Once you have some under your belt, start going to sites like, Hubpages, Zimbio, StumbleUpon and similar sites. Create real accounts in YOUR name and submit them. Also don’t forget the importance of having an email ‘opt in’ box on your website to something like this builds up your list too.

Step Four: To help your Social Media Marketing Plan strategies don’t forget to “Get Friendly.”
You target audience want to give you their money, but guess what? Yes everyone hates a salesmen, not all salesmen I hasten to add 🙂 People can usually smell one a mile away, people know they have money to spend, and they know you want it. Get to know them before attempting to take their money.
Better to introduce yourself as you, not as your product or business! Again get to know them, you can even talk about the industry sector you are in. Don’t steam in talking about you, your product or service, you will be surprised how this can really work for you.

Step Five: If one of the big multinational chains is selling something for less than normal price they don’t call it ‘the cheap choice’ or the ‘we’re giving this away for nothing’ choice…not sir it’s a ‘value meal’. Get the picture?
I know it’s off on a bit of tangent, but actually, and importantly, you are developing a relationship with your potential clients. You’re searching for the ideal shoppers, and you’re attempting to find the ones that may be with you for a lifetime.

Step Six: Even if you only had five clients, but they were consistent buyers, and they never complained about price etc., trust me, it would be better than a 100 purchasers that never are happy.

Step Seven: In your Social Media Marketing Plan remember, and it’s really important to be consistent with your updates, this is key, as is quality content.

In summary: You have done all the hard works so don’t let it slip remember, and I have said this a lot, people do business with people and NOT multinationals, even they are now getting it and using real people within their organisations. Think of it this way when you go to the checkout at your local supermarket or corner shop, 9 times out of 10 you talk to the person behind the counter, it’s a natural connection. I also find it a little strange when going through the ‘automated’ checkouts as its less ‘personal’.

I think the essence of any good plan is that it’s not really a plan at all, all you are really doing is getting to know the people you are doing business with in a much more beneficial way to both of you. This really helps when people are handing you their hard earned cash 😉

Until next time…remember “Do something special today”

Written by Keith McMean

Keith McMean is a Regular Social Work Helper Contributor, and he is also becoming one of the most sought after consultants and speakers on Social Media Marketing in the United Kingdom. Keith covers all topics from expert level to the beginner. His goal is to provide you with information and resources to help you navigate the digital world.

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