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Social Media for Social Good 1st in Series: Choosing a Domain

by Thejas Kamath

Choosing a domain name for your blog, business, or organization is crucial to producing the desired results that will drive traffic to your web page. It also requires a lot of effort from your side to find the best suited names for the best outcomes. Choosing a domain name has become quite difficult because the Internet is growing and people are registering thousands of domain names daily. There are several steps that I recommend before buying a domain name. The wrong domain selection can get you into trouble and cause you much difficulty later on. Most importantly, a well thought out domain selection may increase your opportunities for getting better Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. Taking time to research and learn the history of your domain will be imperative to your long-term success. Domain names can make or break your website aspirations.

Check For Trademarks Violation-Checking for trademark violations is an important precaution to take prior to buying a domain name. Buying a domain name that has an existing trademark could result being sued, penalties and monetary damages. It is best practice to always check for existing trademarks before purchasing a domain name. You can check for trademark availability at the United States Patent and Trademark Office located at or using this free online tool.

I have used the tool mentioned above to check for existing Trademark infringements for the phrase “Google”.  View the screenshot below. If you find the domain of your choice has already been registered for most of the world, you should move to your second choice. Using a domain with trademark protections can be costly and not worth the headache.

Trademark checker tool

Google is very important for the survival of any  blog, business,  or organization because it is the most widely used search engine in the world. Additionally, it offers companion products like Adsense that will allow you to monetize your site to generate income. There are several steps that you can take to review your domains history with Google.

Check Whether Google Has Banned  Your Chosen Domain From Search- If you buy a banned domain name, there is a process where you can request Google for reconsideration. However, this process may take several weeks. In utilizing this option, Google may or may not reconsider removing  the banned domain. Using a domain that has not been banned, it will allow you to navigate the process quickly and more efficiently. Here are several tools to help you determine whether Google has banned your chosen domain:

1) iWebTool


Check AdSense Has Banned The Domain – Google AdSense is one of the best and top paying Ad Networks out there. It is definitely worth your time to ensure your desired domain is not on the Adsense banned list. To achieve the benefits of Adsense,  you would have to spend plenty of time experimenting with other Ad Networks to gain the same results. Here are a couple of tools to do this recommended check:

1) AdSense Sandbox

2) IsBanned

Social Media Username Availability- Branding your blog, business, or organization is one of the most important steps you can take in establishing your website as a trustworthy source. Social media is the best cost-effective way to begin creating a brand for yourself. It can generate a lot of traffic to your website. Ideally, it’s always great to have social media usernames to be the same as your domain name. For example, lazy people like may assume your twitter and domain is the same and go to It would be irritating if the person searching for your page finds some other page which may translate into you losing followers. Finally, check for the availability of Social Media usernames using this great tool, which can search 150 networks at the same time for username availability.

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