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Scoop.It! Have Other Search Engines Do The Work For You! is a great resource to accumulate information about resources collected by search engines. You can create an account and have the search engines bring content across the Web to your site. An e-mail will be generated each day with the news accumulated. If you don’t want to go through the work of perusing a daily e-mail on your subject matter just look for other people who have similar interests and they will! for you! This is not limited to technology. Social workers can scoop advocacy issues, research, areas of practice, or show clients how to access information. put together a great article to help non-technical folks better understand how to use tools like Scoop.It. They go in detail about, Storify,, and Pearltrees.  Here is an excerpt from the article 4 Promising Curation Tools to Help Make Sense of the Web: 

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As the volume of content swirling around the web continues to grow, we’re finding ourselves drowning in a deluge of data. Where is the relevant material? Where are the best columns and content offerings? How can we balance the need for timely, relevant information with reasonable limits of our ability to find, sort, fact check and validate information?

The solution on the horizon is curation. You can either choose to be a curator — offering your filtered world view to followers — or you can choose curators to follow. As curation moves to center stage, a new category of software is emerging to provide curation solutions.  Read More


Below are examples of how the resource is used…

Link for Latest research on BiPolar Disorder!
Link for Teaching with Tablets!

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Ellen Belluomini is a leader, educator, and therapist having worked with thousands of students, teams, clients, and individuals for over twenty five years. This experience has allowed her the opportunity of witnessing the tremendous capacity of the human spirit for growth and rejuvenation. Ellen is an expert at facilitating change within individuals, groups, and organizations. She focuses on constructive communication techniques creating transformation on an individual or group level. For more on Social Work and Technology,Go to Ellen’s blog Bridging the Digital Divide in Social Work Practice.

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