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    End Homelessness Through Eviction Prevention

    Despite positive trends showing that homelessness has steadily decreased since 2007, nearly 600,000 people were homeless in the US at the beginning of 2014. In fact, two cities in the US rank in the top worldwide for cities with extremely high homeless populations. This is relatively high considering the US is the “richest nation” with […]

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    Working Full Time but Cannot Afford Food

    As a Wal-Mart employee in Tampa, Florida, David Alvarez was responsible for routinely throwing away food that was past its prime. After completing this task, Mr. Alvarez went home to a dinner of ramen noodles or peanut butter sandwiches, as he could not afford much more on his wage of $9.15 an hour. Although this […]

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    3 Simple Letters To Make Social Workers More Productive

    I have never heard a social worker say, “I don’t have enough to do. . . things are really slow right now, I get paid too much for the work I’m doing or I love that ‘Let’s make America great again’ guy.” Maybe you’ve had different experiences. When I talk with a lot of social workers, the conversation […]

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    Shifting Social Constructs: The Rising Villianization of Refugees

    Headlines detailing the fallout of refugee migration throughout Europe appear in major news sources almost daily. While discussion around countries and organizations being overwhelmed by sheer numbers remains the same, the sentiment toward refugees appears to be shifting from benevolence to something entirely different. As a nation, Germany serves as a case study for this […]

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    Improving Transitions from Military Service to Civilian Life

    ALABAMA – Researchers, policy makers and federal agencies have been slow in coming to terms with the realities of being in long-term, worldwide conflicts in multiple countries and the impact that has on service members, veterans, their families, and their communities. The 2nd annual Service Member to Civilian (S2C) Summit will be hosted by the University […]

  • CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA - NOVEMBER 2, 2013: Harvard Yard, old heart of Harvard University campus, on a beautiful Fall day in Cambridge, MA, USA on November 2, 2013.

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    Four Tips for Dealing With Mental Health Needs in College

    Utilization of mental health services on college campuses have been increasing quickly each year, and college campuses are increasing mental health services in an effort to meeting the needs of students. A recent study found that 1 out every 12 college students have written out a suicide plan. Due to the increase of federal funding, […]

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    Flint Residents Can’t Catch A Break with New Trash Collection Dispute

    Long before the “Flint Water Crisis” brought national attention to the City of Flint generations of “Flintstones” at home and abroad worried about the path the city they love and call home has taken. Decades of governmental and societal neglect had already set in back in the 90’s, General Motors had long abandoned the city […]

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    Vocation as an Expression of Your Soul

    Have you done the math? If you are employed full-time that generally means that you are at work an average of 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, for a total of 40 hours. Give or take. So, 40 hours a week multiplied by 50 weeks a year – accounting for some much-needed vacation […]

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    5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

    Employee retention directly affects your company’s bottom line. In fact, a high employee turnover rate can cost your business more than twice an employee’s salary to locate and train a replacement. Of course, fostering a positive work environment should be any leader’s goal, regardless of how it affects productivity and profitability. After all, how people […]