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    What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for Americans

    The Indiana, Nebraska, and West Virginia primaries have all ended, and Republican voters have made it clear who they want their presidential nominee to be – Donald Trump. In light of Trump’s crushing victory in the Indiana polls, Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas and presidential hopeful, has reportedly dropped his presidential bid leaving […]

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    Know Her Truths: Why Black Women and Girls Matter

    Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Know Her Truths: Advancing Justice for Women and Girls Conference hosted by the Anna Julia Coopr Center (AJC) at Wake Forest University.  The AJC, as it’s commonly referred to, is directed by Melissa Harris-Perry, and named for scholar, educator, and author Anna Julia Cooper, a Black […]

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    Human Rights Campaign Outreach to Child Welfare Workers

    The Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s All Children – All Families project is conducting a survey of public and private child welfare agency staff. Your responses to this survey will help us understand your agency’s experiences working with a range of resource parents, volunteers and youth. We will use this information to improve our resources and technical […]

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    HB2: Ignites A Civil War Over Bathrooms

    Toilets, potties, johns privies and bathrooms, we have names from the delicate to the coarse to describe them.  But, who knew that “protecting” this space for the hygienic disposal of human waste and lip stick application for some of us, could be so important to require a special session of the North Carolina legislature? On […]

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    Giving Feedback to Teens

    Research has consistently shown that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most significant factors when it comes to creating real and lasting change in our clients. Helping professionals who work with teens have a unique challenge in relating to and engaging authentically with adolescents. They aren’t kids anymore, and they’re not quite adults yet […]