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Should Republicans Gain Control of the US Senate

Dr. Charles Lewis, Jr. 2014/10/29

Should Republicans take control of the United States Senate there will be many political pundits faulting Democrats for their inability to get black voters to go the polls. Why won’t black voters go to the polls in large numbers? Well, it’s a non-presidential election which typically leads to low voter turnout by the party in… Continue Reading »


Stages of Development: Aging Across the Life Span

Alice Fisher 2014/10/28

Working in a legislative office, I’ve come to learn that people are always at least 20 steps in advance of the institutions of learning, government, healthcare and others providers whom we turn to for help and leadership.  As a result, much of what we are taught is the way things were and not the way… Continue Reading »


The Rise of Child Killers

Jack S. Monell 2014/10/27

During these past few weeks we have unfortunately seen high-profile violent killings committed by young people.  On October 15th, a ten year old boy was arrested for killing a 90 year old woman in Pennsylvania, and after making a chilling confession, he is now being held in the Wayne County Correctional facility, though separated from… Continue Reading »


Optimize Your Gmail Experience: Inbox, Timed Filters, and More

Landon Schnabel 2014/10/27

If you want an empty inbox or close to it, I will be giving you several tips on how to use Gmail, one of the most popular free email services, to optimize your email experience. Although many of us get more emails than we can easily manage, some of these emails are incredibly important and time sensitive… Continue Reading »


Helping the Homeless on Skid Row: SRO Housing Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Amanda Stemen 2014/10/24

As Single Room Occupancy Housing (SRO) celebrates its 30 years of service, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Ervin R. Munro, M.S., the Director of Social Services, for the organization. Mr. Munro immediately exuded the warmth, intelligence, and passion that have allowed him to have a long and inspirational career serving others. This… Continue Reading »


The Struggle For American Indian Voting Rights in South Dakota

Drew Gibson 2014/10/23

Last month, the Oglala Sioux Nation filed a voting rights lawsuit with the federal government for failing to put a pre-election satellite voting and registration site on the portion of Pine Ridge Reservation which sits in Jackson County, South Dakota. Despite having money apportioned by the Help America Vote Act to address just this sort of issue,… Continue Reading »


Home Health and Patient Centered Medical Homes

Sean Erreger 2014/10/23

With the Affordable Care Act and the changes in the DSM-V, social workers have a lot to keep up with in providing the latest information to our clients. The landscape of health care is changing by the minute, and these changes have implications no matter what setting you work in. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services definition of… Continue Reading »

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