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Sexual Assault is not a Misconduct Issue, It is a Criminal Issue

Kristin Gundersen 2015/04/30

Every April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). During these thirty days, survivors, students, professionals, and activists’ march throughout the streets and institutions, campaign on social media, and appear on television to bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault. There are posters, displays, and drives created to spread the word about the prevalence of… Continue Reading »


A Boy or A Girl or A Person: the Lack of Recognition for Intersex People

Nils Muižnieks 2015/04/30

Not surprisingly, Fox News presenter Clayton Morris had to apologise for his ‘ignorant and stupid’ comments mocking the new gender options for Facebook profiles which allow users to register as intersex. The TV presenter ridiculed the move of the social media company referring to intersex by saying “whatever that is”. This case illustrates the prejudice… Continue Reading »


Social Workers Must Speak Against Austerity Says BASW UK Chair

Louise Owen McGee 2015/04/29

Today, the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is holding a members conference in order to set the vision and aims for the Association for the next 5 years. Highlights and thoughts from the conference are being shared on twitter using the hashtag #BASWAGM15. Guy Shennan, Chair of the British Association of Social Workers, said social workers… Continue Reading »


TalkPoverty is Lifting the Voices of Impoverished Communities

Deona Hooper 2015/04/29

Citizens living below the poverty line are often treated as an absent third party while policy makers and service providers decide what “they” need in order to become productive members of society. Debates are launched about how the poor game the system, their laziness, immorality and poor choices leading them to a cycle of generational… Continue Reading »


Tax the Rich: Research Supports A More Progressive Taxation

Dr. Charles Lewis, Jr. 2015/04/28

In an issue brief from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, policy analyst Nick Bunker weighed in on the ongoing debate about marginal tax rates and economic growth. He points to research by economists Thomas Piketty of the Paris School of Economics, Emmanuel Saez at the University of California-Berkeley, and Stefanie Stantchava at Harvard University… Continue Reading »


Why We Should Care About Adoption Rehoming

Stefano Montanari 2015/04/28

“A sick thing”. “Human trafficking in children”. “A gaping loophole with life threatening outcomes”. These are just few of the ways experts, legislators and judges have named unregulated private transfers of child custody, a practice referred to as re-homing. Private re-homing occurs when adoptive parents transfer the custody of a child bypassing official channels. In… Continue Reading »


Orange is the New Black (OITNB): The Real Crisis of Incarcerated Women

Jessica Baes 2015/04/28

As Summer 2015 approaches, fans anxiously await the release of the third season of Netflix’s highly viewed comedy-drama series ‘Orange is the New Black’ (OITNB). The original series is based on Piper Kerman’s Memoir of her year spent within the confines of a women’s correctional facility in Danbury, Connecticut. Although OITNB has drawn more attention… Continue Reading »


Are You or Your Nonprofit or Foundation Being an Askhole?

Vu Le 2015/04/27

You may have read my previous article about Trickle-Down Community Engagement (TDCE) ,which is a frustrating phenomenon that each year causes many executive directors (EDs) of grassroot organizations to daydream about abandoning civilization to live with adorable woodland critters, foraging for grubs and berries. (Note to self: Stop writing blog after watching Disney movies with… Continue Reading »

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