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Vote for Vilissa in the 2014 National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero Contest

Vilissa Thompson 2014/04/18

by Vilissa K. Thompson, LMSW The National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero contest allows wheelchair users to discuss how acquiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle would improve their quality of life and well-being.  The competition will take place between now and May 9th. Contestants like myself are seeking the support of family, friends, organizations, and allies… Continue Reading »


Social Movement Behind the Label Queer: Understanding LGBTQ populations

Tanya Ellison 2014/04/18

The politics of being queer is a radical social movement that deals with sexual identity and gender performativity. It has become a movement of individuals who feel they do not fall within the ‘normal’ social structure.  Some, who claim the term, would venture to say that the label has become to be understood as promoting non-identity… Continue Reading »


The 5th Woman Stage Production is a Voice for Women

Dr. Michael Wright 2014/04/18

I am always excited to hear about driven individuals who are doing courageous things. However, I am also intrigued by the arts and production. Add to that my hope for social justice, and you know why I had to interview the producers of the upcoming play The 5th Woman. The production is an ensemble stage… Continue Reading »


Advocate or Vacate: LAUSD Students Protest for Science Teacher

Amanda Stemen 2014/04/18

Some things simply aren’t written into our public school curriculum. There aren’t established standards for compassion, integrity, authenticity, and standing up for what you believe in. However, this doesn’t mean opportunities for such teachable moments do not present themselves, but they’re often avoided due to fear or retaliation. Fear of offending someone, fear of negative… Continue Reading »


Exploring The “CRAZY”: Looking Deeper Than Labels In Mental Health

Travis Lloyd 2014/04/18

I frequently meet great people who identify as “bi-polar” or are labeled with “schizoid personality disorder,” often times both labels have been assigned amongst an array of other diagnoses such as schizophrenia, borderline and ADHD. When I ask them, “How long have you been diagnosed”?  Some of them say “forever”, and/or they often give me… Continue Reading »


Domestic Violence is Witnessed by Children Far More Than We Know

Peter Choate 2014/04/17

Imagine a child watches domestic violence going on between her parents. It’s not a stretch to think of how scary that must be for her – the people who are supposed to love and protect her are showing just the opposite. One would hope that external forces would come to play that would help change… Continue Reading »


The Pros and Cons of Placing Students in Internships

Jonathan Richardson 2014/04/17

As many of you know, internship experiences are the most important part of a social work program. Since the MSW is a professional degree, having a professional experience that you can apply your coursework is necessary. Internships do more than provide free labor and something to do. They test the student’s knowledge and help them… Continue Reading »


The Case of Joshua Messier: Wrongful Use of Restrains and Seclusion

Julia Cardoso 2014/04/17

By Julia Cardoso The use of restrains and seclusion in psychiatric hospitals has caused long lists of issues for patients and the rest of the mental health community. The tragic death of Joshua Messier was a prime example of how dangerous using restrains can be especially when dealing with someone who has a mental illness…. Continue Reading »

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