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Morphic Resonance (Part 3): How We Alter It and Create Change

Philip Patston 2014/09/30

Finally, let me reveal my own morphic theory and a simple truth. Controversial biologist Rupert Sheldrake believes that traditions, customs and rituals are maintained throughout history and embedded in societal lore and cultures through a process of what he calls morphic resonance.  At the heart of this well-debated school of thought is the concept that… Continue Reading »


Murderer and Rapist Granted the Right To Die

Rebecca Joy Novell 2014/09/30

Frank Van Den Bleeken is currently serving a life sentence in Belgium for sexual assault and murder. Three years ago, he asked to be allowed to die arguing that, due to his psychiatric condition, he would forever be “a danger to society.” A panel of medical experts granted Van Den Bleeken the right to die…. Continue Reading »


The Adrian Peterson Case: Do Culture and Religion Matter?

Janet Heimlich 2014/09/26

While the media seems largely focused on the fact that the Minnesota Vikings finally decided to bench its star running back Adrian Peterson, a more important—and politically incorrect—question needs to be asked: To what extent, if any, did Adrian Peterson’s religious beliefs and cultural background as an African American contribute to him beating and injuring his… Continue Reading »


How Will Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan Affect Social Welfare and Social Services Programs

Patricia Polizzi 2014/09/24

Recently, Paul Ryan released a new anti-poverty plan in which he claims will empower poor Americans and create life opportunities. His plan calls for providing individual case managers to help develop goals and target money where it is specifically needed. Under the Ryan plan Congress would “reward” social agencies after they can prove that client’s… Continue Reading »


Dope Sick With Mouths To Feed: The Struggles of American Women in Active Addiction

Drew Gibson 2014/09/24

For certain subsections of society, it happens so often that its occurrence becomes commonplace such as the realities for those of us who live surrounded by the effects of active addiction and alcoholism. Like a soldier who served in Iraq or Afghanistan or a teenager who grew up in the heart of West Baltimore or… Continue Reading »


Voluntourism – How to Find an Ethical Project?

Steffi Kohl 2014/09/23

“Voluntourism” is a portmanteau of “volunteer” and “tourism”, describing tourists that combine a trip abroad with volunteer work. The idea is often met with scepticism and has caused a lot of controversy. One reason for this is that researchers have found that some of the companies involved with voluntourism are misrepresenting their products, i.e. trying to… Continue Reading »


Self Doubt in Your Clinical Practice Skills

Sean Erreger 2014/09/22

Self Awareness is critical to the therapeutic process. By being aware of your self-doubt, you are already heading into the right direction. In graduate school, we talked about  the importance  of “use of self” and “self disclosure”.  It is certainly important to talk about how your words and actions will have an impact on the… Continue Reading »

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