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Mississippi Crumbling: The Inheritance of Inequity in The Magnolia State

Drew Gibson 2014/09/19

“Everybody in the Mississippi Delta was a racist, white or black. Racism was built into our bones. It is a thing we will never recover from having committed, but it also had its side that we always benefitted from…I lived in a society that was filled with horrors, as you look back on it. They… Continue Reading »


What the Wealthy Have to Offer to the Study of Poverty

Ruth White 2014/09/19

I have often expressed my intellectual, personal and ethical discomfort with the extensive ‘subjectification’, more trendily termed “participation’, of poor people in research. Although with the lofty and well-intentioned goal of ‘understanding the poor’ or ‘understanding poverty’ does current research achieve its stated goals in order to elevate the plight of the exploited and excluded?… Continue Reading »


NFL Unintentionally Raises Awareness on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Kharoll-Ann Souffrant 2014/09/19

In the past weeks, many of you have heard of the reported incidents involving several NFL players all over the media and the internet sphere. First, it was the Ray Rice viral video of him assaulting his wife that made headlines, then Adrian Peterson latter dominated the news cycle after being indicted on child abuse charges…. Continue Reading »


Five Social Justice Challenges to Teachers

Dan Scratch 2014/09/18

As the new school year is underway, I just wanted to take a moment to urge teachers to think about how social justice issues impact their classrooms. I’ve listed 5 social justice challenges to teachers below to encourage us to think about how we interact, teach and organize our classrooms to promote equity and justice…. Continue Reading »


The Art and Etiquette of Actually Being Helpful

Philip Patston 2014/09/18

I get a lot of people trying to help me. The less they know me the less helpful their help is. So it’s useful and interesting to make the distinction between ‘helping’ and ‘being helpful’. They are definitely not synonymous and are, so often, completely antithetical. The most unhelpful help I am offered is getting my… Continue Reading »


For the Love of Money: 5 Observations on Social Workers & Money from the 2014 NASW Conference in Washington, D.C.

Eva Forde 2014/09/17

The climate of social work is changing. Over the last several years while businesses have moved towards embracing greater social missions, more and more social workers have begun to embrace the field of business and entrepreneurship. From conversations about money and finance to the increase of social workers starting their own for-profit ventures, social workers are expanding their… Continue Reading »


HUD Charges University with Housing Discrimination of College Student with Support Dog

Vilissa Thompson 2014/09/11

A new school year means that disabled college students are adjusting to their new environments, and are making accommodation requests to their school’s disability services department that will allow a smoother transition.  Accommodations can range from needing note-taking assistance, placement in a quieter environment to take tests, and/or being able to use service/support animals on… Continue Reading »

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