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Getting Comfortable with Discomfort When Helping Clients

Christopher Vollmer 2015/01/29

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a social worker is that, in order to excel, you must absolutely get comfortable being present in situations that make your skin crawl. You will encounter people, places, things, and circumstances that will test the limits of your ability to maintain a modicum of objectivity, but… Continue Reading »


The ABLE Act Explained: Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE)

Melissa theSeed 2015/01/28

The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) was signed into law by the President on December 19, 2014. Tax-free savings accounts can now be built for a population that has historically been forced to live in poverty. Up until now, in order to be eligible for SSI and Medicaid, a person could not have… Continue Reading »


Poverty Becomes Child Protection Concerns – That’s Avoidable!

Peter Choate 2015/01/26

Recent reports out of the United States raise important concerns about the soaring rates of children living in poverty which is too often accompanied with homelessness. The National Centre on Family Homelessness states there were 2.5 million children who were homeless for at least part of the year in 2013. Neglect, one of the most… Continue Reading »


Solidarity for Racial Justice and Non-violence

Social Work Helper 2015/01/24

As a group of students, staff, and faculty at the University of Utah College of Social Work, we join our voices with those of other schools, agencies, and communities against recent acts of racism and violence in Ferguson, Cleveland, New York, Phoenix, Saratoga Springs (UT) and elsewhere. We recognize our varying experiences with and participation… Continue Reading »


Incorporating Homophobia into the Definition of Elder Abuse

Megan Ferguson 2015/01/22

Although many older adults receive necessary support from family, friends, and external agencies, some older adults experience exploitation and abuse. Since there is no universal definition for abuse against older individuals, a broader definition refers to elder abuse and neglect as, “any action or inaction by any person, which causes harm to the older or… Continue Reading »


Sharing Your Dreams and Knowing Your Purpose

Anneke Krakers 2015/01/22

It makes me so sad when I meet social workers who have lost their dreams, their passion, their why. Just like Evelyn. Evelyn is now unemployed for two years. Her heart wasn’t bouncing anymore, her passion for helping people in need was just a dream of the past. They say you have to be a little… Continue Reading »


Standards of Self-Care Series 3 of 3

Charlene Richard 2015/01/22

In the final article in the series reviewing the Standards of Self-Care established by The Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, we cover the section on Inventory of Self-Care Practices.  These practices fall into one of three categories; Personal, Social/Interpersonal and Professional. Personal self-care practices include both physical and psychological strategies.  These have been noted as… Continue Reading »


Social Workers Against Criminalization Launch New Initiative in the Wake of Protests

Social Work Helper 2015/01/21

New York- Many in the New York social work community honored the reclaiming of Dr. King’s legacy, also known as the Day of Resilience and the Pledge of Resistance, by announcing the launch of Social Workers Against Criminalization (SWAC). The emergence of SWAC is an acknowledgement of the ways in which social workers have often participated… Continue Reading »

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