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Success: Explaining the “Fake it ’till You Make It” Philosophy

Dr. Michael Wright 2014/07/25

The World Cup is over. Germany won. Life goes on, but for some, life didn’t stop much. When considering those for whom sports offers only a brief respect from life, I reflected on the hype and pageantry of the World Cup and the “Late Night with David Letterman” appearance by Clint Dempsey earlier in July…. Continue Reading »


Leadership: Leading from Within

Marcy Webb 2014/07/25

As a classroom teacher, I am a leader in my own right. However, in that capacity, I am also aware of the many mistakes I made. Through it all, the most powerful lesson I have learned about leadership and teaching is the quality of relationships I have developed with people. Aspiring leaders should consider the seven… Continue Reading »


5 Reasons Why 3D Printers Are The Next Step in Social Change

Daniel Ortiz Reti 2014/07/25

3D printers are on a collision course with the systems that make up our society. They are poised to change the way goods are delivered, homes are constructed and how we see our home computer systems. It will be interesting to see the change that this technology makes on our world in the coming years…. Continue Reading »


The Struggles of Being a Macro Student and How We Can All Be Supportive

Jonathan Richardson 2014/07/24

We all know that social work is a versatile field. There are many opportunities within the field to do a variety of things on a variety of levels. We all should know that all levels of work are necessary in order to successfully implement the mission of social work. Even though all levels of social… Continue Reading »


3 Tips For Overcoming A Fear Of Abandonment

Travis Lloyd 2014/07/24

Many people struggle with a fear of abandonment. Losing an emotional attachment can be very traumatizing to anyone. If you have ever  lost a romantic relationship, loved one or friendship you may have a heightened awareness of when there is a potential to lose another relationship. One girl called this “paranoia”. She sent me an… Continue Reading »


What About Repeat Child Protection Families?

Peter Choate 2014/07/23

A study just released in the United Kingdom, talks about repeat families within the child welfare system. Researchers from Manchester and Brunel Universities discovered, upon reviewing court records, that 7.143 mothers were involved in repeat child protection cases involving 22, 790 children. Those who work the front lines of child protection will feel a certain… Continue Reading »


The Silence is Deafening the Road to Education Reform

Dan Scratch 2014/07/23

Recently, I have become involved in researching, understanding, and advocating against any corporate involvement in Alberta Education’s curriculum redesign. As I’ve become more involved in talking to teachers throughout the province on this issue, I understand that there are a wide variety of opinions within the teaching community on education reform. Some teachers have told… Continue Reading »


Power of Older Adults vs. the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision

Alice Fisher 2014/07/23

What century is this? I have been obsessed lately with the retrograde decision made by the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case. Not only is it an outstanding example of the ongoing abasement of women and women’s health needs, it is a blow to the entire concept of democracy. This decision rips the fabric… Continue Reading »

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