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Why Social Workers Should Address Economic Inequality

Dr. Charles Lewis, Jr. 2015/05/26

I began discussing economic inequality in my classrooms more than a decade ago when President Bush successfully pushed through Congress another round of supply-side tax cuts. Since then, there have been continuous discussions about the consequences of having so much of the nation’s wealth concentrated in the hands of a few super wealthy individuals and… Continue Reading »


Children’s of Alabama Hosts Special Presentation on Child Health with Princeton University and the Brookings Institute

Social Work Helper 2015/05/24

BIRMINGHAM – Children’s of Alabama will welcome the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and the Brookings Institute to Birmingham to present Volume 25 Number 1 Spring 2015 of The Future of Children, Policies to Promote Child Health. This collaboration of two world-class institutions is aimed at translating the best… Continue Reading »


Congresswoman Lee Leads Effort Urging President Obama to Ban the Box

Social Work Helper 2015/05/23

Washington, D.C.- More than 70 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Congresswoman Barbara Lee, sent a letter to President Obama to adopt a federal fair chance hiring policy. This effort was co-led by Congressman Conyers, Congressman Scott, Congressman Davis, and Congresswoman Jackson Lee. The federal government should not be in the business… Continue Reading »


The Roots of Self-Hatred and Fostering Self-Compassion in the Therapeutic Relationship

Dennis Tirch 2015/05/20

Depressed, ugly, unlovable, coward, idiot, defective—the list is endless. When people have a long history of punishing and berating themselves, they can become fused with the concepts these thoughts construct and take on the belief that their true self is faulty. Clients (and if we are honest, most of us) therefore walk around with notions… Continue Reading »


5 Ways to Avoid Assumptions

Philip Patston 2015/05/20

We all do it. See someone new and, within seconds, our brains start making up stories about them. Or we meet them, exchange a few words and before we know it, we’re filling in the gaps with our imaginations. The result? Assumptions. I made an assumption recently, ironically right after running a workshop on accessibility… Continue Reading »


Preserving the Therapeutic Relationship as a Mandated Reporter

Anthony Heard 2015/05/19

If you find yourself a mandated reporter of child abuse and neglect and have ever had to report a client or patient with whom you have worked so hard to build rapport, the disruption of the therapeutic relationship probably appropriately concerns you. You know you have to call, and you can easily imagine that Jenga… Continue Reading »


How Do You Assess Online Risks For Youth Without Being Digitally Competent

Greg Reardon 2015/05/19

Time to get digitally competent In an age where information technology is growing rapidly in our everyday personal and professional lives, there is a growing expectation for social workers and other children’s professionals to ensure young people are indeed safe in these environments and identifying risks accordingly. But, how do we assess online risks for… Continue Reading »

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