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What Social Workers Can Learn From Mahatma Gandhi

Anneke Krakers 2015/03/04

Social workers can learn from Mahatma Gandhi on how to step into the light. How to raise your voice and still be modest and a servant to humanity. This is what all social workers want. Right? Although Mahatma Gandhi was very modest man and a great leader, he was also someone who wanted to be… Continue Reading »


Resignations and Employment Relationships — I Quit?

Philip Patston 2015/03/03

I’ve been reflecting on the complex dynamics of employment relationships (ER) — let’s call them ERs because of the acronym’s somewhat appropriate onomatopoeia — and what it means when an employee resigns without giving notice. ERs are tricky things, without a doubt. They are usually initially awkward, in that most ERs begin with a stranger needing… Continue Reading »


Twitter Chat Tackles Questions about Social Work and Politics

Dr. Charles Lewis, Jr. 2015/03/02

How actively involved should social workers be in the political arena? This was one of the themes that set the agenda for Thursday night’s Twitter chat hosted by the Network for Social Work Management using the hashtag #MacroSW. The Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy was asked to take the lead in this… Continue Reading »


Tips for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Latonia Johnson 2015/03/02

Grandparents raising grandchildren is an age-old practice and continues to be common in today’s society. This article offers helpful advice to these grandparents as they parent their grandchildren in the 21st century to avoid barriers to success for both the grandchild and grandparent within these families. Grandparent-led households develop for many reasons. Although commendable, the… Continue Reading »


Capacity Building for Communities of Color: The Paradigm Shift and Why I Left My Job

Vu Le 2015/02/28

When I first got out of grad school with my Master in Social Work, I was a bright-eyed kid full of hopes and dreams of doing my part to make the world better. Completely broke and desperate to find work before the student loans people released their hounds, I applied to countless jobs and found… Continue Reading »

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