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Reaching the Millennials, A Social Worker’s Plight

Jack S. Monell 2014/04/15

For the clinician or case manager who finds most of his or her caseload representative of young people, the Millennials have proven to present different issues or concerns in regards to providing appropriate interventive services.  As popular culture grew exponentially in the 20th century, its influence on this generation has presented somewhat of a paradigm… Continue Reading »


5 Free Computer Programs all Social Workers Need to Use

Daniel Ortiz Reti 2014/04/15

Lets talk a little about free, it happens to be one of my favorite words. Free parking (I live in LA), Free Willy and most people’s favorite, free money.  A common excuse I hear when I ask other social workers why they don’t know how to use X piece of software is, “It’s too expensive.”;… Continue Reading »


What If Attitudes Don’t Really Matter In Creating Change?

Philip Patston 2014/04/14

Attitude is everything, they say. What if I said, I don’t think so? Consider this, as long as it remains inside my head, my attitude means nothing. It’s only when I speak it, or act on it, that it begins to matter. Let’s say I hate orange. Until I start insulting people for wearing orange, destroying orange things that aren’t… Continue Reading »


What is Social Inclusion

Gradle Gardner-Martin 2014/04/14

Social Inclusion has become a bit of a buzz-phrase in society today. “I’m not a racist, but…” has developed into almost a joke for those who cannot accept that everyone operates through prejudices on one level or another. Yet, it is still a common phrase used to excuse a person’s thoughts on another culture. As… Continue Reading »


Using Twitter for Advocacy

Deona Hooper 2014/04/13

Throughout history, advocacy has been used a strategy to help create awareness for an idea or cause, identify allies and partners, build coalitions, as well as influence shifts in attitudes and/or public perceptions. History has also taught us that major shifts resulting in the empowerment of an oppressed group occurred because of advocacy and not… Continue Reading »


Social Work School Separates from National Association of Social Work

Sarah Meharg 2014/04/13

Catholic University of America’s (CUA) National Catholic School of Social Service (NCSSS) has long been a well-respected social work program, with the Gourman Report placing it in the top 11%. Its web site states: “Our commitment to supporting traditional social work values while responding to today’s educational and practice developments continues to make ours a… Continue Reading »


Does Putting Children in Jail Solve Anything?

Oprah Keyes 2014/04/11

During a single year, an estimated 2.1 million youth under the age of 18 are arrested in the United States. When we think of mass incarceration, we cannot just think of adults. Countless boys and girls are funneled from schools and neighborhoods to the juvenile justice system each year, often followed by what seems to be… Continue Reading »


Nancy Humphreys Urges Political Activism for Social Workers

Dr. Charles Lewis, Jr. 2014/04/11

Scores of students and former students of the University of Connecticut’s School of Social Work gathered at the West Hartford Campus during the weekend to pay tribute to the venerable Nancy A. Humphreys who is retiring from her tenure as founder and director of the Nancy A. Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work. The occasion… Continue Reading »

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