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Domestic Violence is Witnessed by Children Far More Than We Know

Peter Choate 2014/04/17

Imagine a child watches domestic violence going on between her parents. It’s not a stretch to think of how scary that must be for her – the people who are supposed to love and protect her are showing just the opposite. One would hope that external forces would come to play that would help change… Continue Reading »


The Pros and Cons of Placing Students in Internships

Jonathan Richardson 2014/04/17

As many of you know, internship experiences are the most important part of a social work program. Since the MSW is a professional degree, having a professional experience that you can apply your coursework is necessary. Internships do more than provide free labor and something to do. They test the student’s knowledge and help them… Continue Reading »


The Case of Joshua Messier: Wrongful Use of Restrains and Seclusion

Julia Cardoso 2014/04/17

By Julia Cardoso The use of restrains and seclusion in psychiatric hospitals has caused long lists of issues for patients and the rest of the mental health community. The tragic death of Joshua Messier was a prime example of how dangerous using restrains can be especially when dealing with someone who has a mental illness…. Continue Reading »


Reaching the Millennials, A Social Worker’s Plight

Jack S. Monell 2014/04/15

For the clinician or case manager who finds most of his or her caseload representative of young people, the Millennials have proven to present different issues or concerns in regards to providing appropriate interventive services.  As popular culture grew exponentially in the 20th century, its influence on this generation has presented somewhat of a paradigm… Continue Reading »


5 Free Computer Programs all Social Workers Need to Use

Daniel Ortiz Reti 2014/04/15

Lets talk a little about free, it happens to be one of my favorite words. Free parking (I live in LA), Free Willy and most people’s favorite, free money.  A common excuse I hear when I ask other social workers why they don’t know how to use X piece of software is, “It’s too expensive.”;… Continue Reading »


What If Attitudes Don’t Really Matter In Creating Change?

Philip Patston 2014/04/14

Attitude is everything, they say. What if I said, I don’t think so? Consider this, as long as it remains inside my head, my attitude means nothing. It’s only when I speak it, or act on it, that it begins to matter. Let’s say I hate orange. Until I start insulting people for wearing orange, destroying orange things that aren’t… Continue Reading »


What is Social Inclusion

Gradle Gardner-Martin 2014/04/14

Social Inclusion has become a bit of a buzz-phrase in society today. “I’m not a racist, but…” has developed into almost a joke for those who cannot accept that everyone operates through prejudices on one level or another. Yet, it is still a common phrase used to excuse a person’s thoughts on another culture. As… Continue Reading »


Using Twitter for Advocacy

Deona Hooper 2014/04/13

Throughout history, advocacy has been used a strategy to help create awareness for an idea or cause, identify allies and partners, build coalitions, as well as influence shifts in attitudes and/or public perceptions. History has also taught us that major shifts resulting in the empowerment of an oppressed group occurred because of advocacy and not… Continue Reading »

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