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    Microaggressions and Trigger Warnings Are Being Deemed Liberal Views Limiting College Students

    After reading the article Coddling of the American Mind in the Atlantic, I felt compelled to pen a response. The article suggests that ‘liberal’ views about use of language, ‘trigger warnings’, microaggressions, and avoiding offensive language are damaging to university students’ academic progression and their emotional wellbeing. The discussion here will be in several parts, the […]

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    What’s the Deal with Online Therapy?

    Online counseling or “web therapy” is an emerging practice in the world of social services.  Although online counseling is not a substitute for traditional psychotherapy, it has many benefits, including flexibility, anonymity, comfort, and convenience.  Perhaps you are nervous about going to therapy—with online counseling you can test it out for as little or as […]

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    Ten Years after Hurricane Katrina

    August 23rd marked ten years since Hurricane Katrina which was the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States. The hurricane lasted just over one week, with winds reaching up to 175 mph. Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana were amongst the worst affected areas. A confirmed 1,833 died as a result of the hurricane and […]

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    CleverCare Watch Brings Peace of Mind

    A few weeks ago at the Home and Community Health Association conference I met some of the team behind CleverCare, a new service that connects an Android smart watch to a web interface and a 24-hour call centre. CleverCare is the brain-child of Maria Johnston. As the website explains, “developing the Clevercare system was driven […]