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Not an Average Day in the Office: Social Workers from the US to Madrid Come to UK Workplaces for a Day of Unique Learning

Louise Owen McGee 2015/04/21

Social workers from across the world will be turning up at workplaces in the UK for a series of seminars on the final day of the International Federation of Social Workers’ (IFSW) European Conference and Social Services Expo in September. The event hosted by the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) aims to give practitioners… Continue Reading »


Common Core: Disabled Students Deserve Better

Beata Skonecki 2015/04/20

A few years ago, my brother came home from school in tears. An A and B student with an intellectual disability who always did his homework, had high expectations of himself, and loved school, his expression of anguish particularly concerned me. This was the same kid who got upset when school was cancelled because three… Continue Reading »


Why Calling It Trauma Minimizes American Torture

Shreya Mandal 2015/04/20

On April 14th, Mayor Rahm Emanuel backed a proposal to established a 5.5 million dollar reparations fund for victims tortured by police which included electrocution, beatings, and suffocation to obtain confessions. From 1972 to late 1991, Police Commander Jon Burge and his midnight crew of rogue detectives tortured over 120 men who were largely African-American…. Continue Reading »


Howard University Debates: the Evolution of Ferguson A Movement or Moment

Deona Hooper 2015/04/17

The events in Ferguson, Missouri set off by the death of Mike Brown created a domino effect in raising awareness on the systematic and institutional racial barriers embedded within public systems across all levels of our government. On April 20th at 1:00 PM EST using the hashtag #FergusonHU, Howard University School of Social Work Community… Continue Reading »


Protecting Children’s Rights in the Digital World: An Ever-Growing Challenge

Nils Muižnieks 2015/04/16

Most teenagers spend a substantial share of their time on Internet, often using social media, which have become a major means of socialising. Growing access to the Internet has brought about almost unlimited possibilities for children to access content and exercise their rights, including the right to receive and impart information. However, these benefits go… Continue Reading »


North Carolina Women United Fighting to Improve Outcomes for Women

Deona Hooper 2015/04/15

Failing to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, erasing the State’s earned income tax credits for low wage working, eliminating tax deductions for contributing to your child’s college’s funds, and cuts to public education are just a few examples of  how women and children are being impacted by the 2014 election. While many middle… Continue Reading »


As Arkansas Outlaws Re-homing, Other States Might Follow Suit

Stefano Montanari 2015/04/15

Re-homing, a practice which consists in transferring a child’s custody to non-family members without the oversight of child welfare or judicial authorities, became a nationwide issue after Reuters published an investigation in September 2013. The 18-month investigation revealed that parents used Internet discussion groups to give away their adopted children and sparked heightened debate across the country. In May… Continue Reading »


Duffy Books in Homes Working Towards Literacy for Kids

Philip Patston 2015/04/13

Recently, I spent an hour at Rosebank Primary School in Avondale, Auckland, speaking as a Duffy Books in Homes Role Model. It’s something I’ve done a couple of times each year since connecting with Linda Vagana, Duffy’s GM, when we both did the Leadership New Zealand programme in 2012. Duffy Books in Homes is a nonprofit created for… Continue Reading »

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