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HUD Charges University with Housing Discrimination of College Student with Support Dog

Vilissa Thompson 2014/09/11

A new school year means that disabled college students are adjusting to their new environments, and are making accommodation requests to their school’s disability services department that will allow a smoother transition.  Accommodations can range from needing note-taking assistance, placement in a quieter environment to take tests, and/or being able to use service/support animals on… Continue Reading »


Helping Immigrant Students Achieve Their Dreams

Cheryl Aguilar 2014/09/11

When Miriam Sanchez, 18 years old, migrated to Zapata, Texas at the tender age of 9 from Tamaulipas, Mexico adjusting to a new environment was hard. She no longer had the home she loved and had spent the first years of her life in and she could not communicate with her cousins who spoke English—the… Continue Reading »


The Michael Brown Shooting: Why the Requirement for ‘Perfect’ Victims is About Race

Tanya Bonner 2014/09/09

By the time Norma L. McCorvey was 21, she had abused drugs and was on her third child. While carrying that third child, her scheme to falsely claim she was raped in order to obtain a legal abortion put her in the path of attorneys seeking to challenge U.S. abortion laws. Those attorneys who would… Continue Reading »


Significant Harm and Children in Need

Gradle Gardner-Martin 2014/09/09

In the UK, 89,528 social workers are getting ready to re-register with the regulator for the protected title of social worker from 1st September 2014. Meanwhile the UK media is yet again flooding the public with what is wrong about social worker and the problems with how we protect children. Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham… Continue Reading »


Rotherham Report: The Role of Leadership in Child Protection

Peter Choate 2014/09/03

It is hard to read the report on the sexual abuse of children in Rotherham England. It details years of abuse involving 1400 children. The scale of this abuse is, in some ways, unthinkable. Yet, there it is. The report summarizes the abuse by saying: “In just over a third of cases, children affected by… Continue Reading »


The True End to the 2014 NCGA Short Session

Kay Castillo 2014/09/03

Legislators finally adjourned for the 2014 short session on Wednesday, August 20th which is almost seven weeks after originally anticipated. You may recall my Week 12 update where I claimed that week was a wrap but it did come with a catch. Legislators wanted time to decide if they needed to come back in November for… Continue Reading »


Will Opposition MP’s Male Shame Change Domestic Violence?

Philip Patston 2014/09/02

There’s been a lot of talk, both for and against, NZ opposition leader David Cunliffe‘s recent public confession that he is sorry to be a man. While I admire his intent, I think his choice of words let him down and weakened his message for several reasons. Firstly, personalising the message made it all about him and took the focus… Continue Reading »


Social Workers, Watch Your Language

Veronique Moseley 2014/09/02

How often do you stop to check the words you’re using with client groups, whether verbally or in writing? Are you sure that you’re using a commonly understood language? Or have you slipped into the comfort zone of everyday “colleague speak” when communicating with your clients? At the root of every social work intervention, micro… Continue Reading »

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